Bhuvan mobile App is ISRO's initiative to enable public to collect and report information on various activities linking to location based services. These mobile apps will provide a platform to crowd source information of objects on the earth surface, tool to monitor objects development. This enables decision makers at different government of India departments to prioritize interventions or record of information on ground.

The main features of the app are 1) collecting location information using mobile device GPS, 2) taking photograph of the object (two photos) which requires access to the camera of the mobile, 3) adding the attribute information about the object and 4) sending the collected information to Bhuvan web server, either immediately or later. The apps provide facility to store the captured data in the mobile which requires access to local storage of the mobile device for uploading it to Bhuvan servers on later stage. This enable user to capture information even at no internet areas.

The app also has option to edit attributes or delete collected observations saved for send later or unsent data-set in the mobile device. It has provision to tag user profile to each observation which is useful to trace the source of collected data. The sent observations can be visualized by officials of respective government departments in near real time at field data visualization session of Bhuvan Geo-portal. The collected field information can be visualized by public after due moderation based on data sharing policy of the respective departments.

The user is made to key-in his or her personal information in the user profile section such user name, mobile number and organisation. This information will be used only to find users by government of India departments for their respective programmes.